Technology & AV

Student Center Complex Technology and AV 

SCC provides a variety of services with your reservation:
  • Projectors
  • Sound systems
  • Presentation remotes
  • HDMI, VGA, and stereo (AUX) cables
  • Campus wireless network access
  • Portable LCD displays upon reservation request
  • AV walk-throughs upon reservation request

Laptops, computers, tablets, and video adapters are not available. Networking equipment (i.e. routers, switches) require prior approval from UMIT.

Additional Charges:

Depending upon the event, the sponsoring student organization, department, or community groups may incur additional costs by either the SCC or by other University of Miami departments, for specialized AV equipment and UMIT charges.

Certain types of events may require an AV Technician, e.g. use of the performance sound system on the Lakeside Stage. Based on availability, an SCC AV technician can monitor installed AV equipment and/or other SCC AV systems at a per hour charge. Please contact SCC Reservations for more information regarding rates.

User‐Provided Amplifiers

Users may not connect amplifiers or speakers to any SCC amps or speakers; you may connect DJ mixing boards, turntables, and other source equipment at your own risk – you are responsible for all damage to SCC equipment no matter the cause. If you are hiring a DJ, band, or performer, please make sure in advance that the performer does not require any SCC‐owned amps or speakers. DJs are not permitted to plug in amplifiers or speakers to any SCC equipment.

Copyright Notice for Video Tape, DVD, and streaming video (i.e. Netflix, Hulu) Presentations:

Please be sure that your organization is licensed for the commercial presentation of a video program. Copyright law expressly forbids the showing in a public place of movies and other programs that have been rented or purchased for home use (from rental stores/kiosks, retail stores, etc.)

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