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The Student Center Complex (SCC) at the University of Miami is the place for weddings, multi-day conferences, graduations, bar mitzvahs, dances, concerts, quinciñeras, proms, and much more. The Shalala Student Center and the Whitten University Center provide groups with excellent customer care and beautiful spaces to create memorable events and productive meetings. Both facilities offer flexible event spaces, making them the perfect venues for your next casual or formal occasion.

The meeting rooms at the Shalala Student Center are equipped with the latest in audiovisual (A/V) capabilities. They include high-speed wireless internet access, LCD flat-panel monitors or laser projectors and screens, audio equipment, and available A/V assistance.

The Student Center Complex staff continues to monitor the University of Miami’s response to COVID-19. For current University-wide meeting and event guidance, please visit the Event and Activities Guidelines webpage.

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Request a Reservation

Request a Reservation

  • Click “Request a Room
  • Select the desired Date and Time then, under "Let Me Search For A Room" area:
    • Click on "Add/Remove" and select "Shalala Student CTR" and "Whitten UC
    • Click "Update Locations
    • Press the “Search” button
  • Select a room with the "+" and press "Next Step" on the top right
  • Next, input all of the event details and press "Create Request"
  • Once complete, the webpage will display a tentative reservation

Please note that this submission is simply a request and not a guarantee for space. A member of the SCC Reservations Office will be in touch regarding your reservation request.

Student Center Complex Policy Highlights

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  • SCC Policies & Procedures

    Review the complete SCC Policies and Procedures, including information about Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) and the University's Solicitation policy.

  • Candles

    Candles, burning incense, or other open flames are not permitted in the SCC. This includes any water or smoke-based particles (i.e. fog machine).

  • Cleanup and Restoration of Facilities

    Event Hosts & vendors are responsible for the immediate restoration of facilities used for events to the satisfaction of the SCC Reservations Office and/or the SCC Operations Team. Restoration shall include, but not be limited to, cleaning of the area, removal of equipment, trash removal, and repair of any facility damage caused. Any costs associated with restoring the facility will be billed to the client.

  • Food & Food Preparation

    Grilling, cooking, frying, or baking within the building, including the servery kitchen, is not permitted. With prior approval from the SCC Reservations Office, food may be prepared outside in the SC’s loading zone.

    Events scheduled at the SCC that provide or sell food shall adhere to policies consistent with state and county regulations concerning food handling and preparation. In particular, barbecues and other events involving food cooking and/or preparation at the SCC must be conducted by a University-approved licensed caterer. Prepared or ready-to-eat food brought onto campus for events at the SCC shall be produced in a licensed foodservice establishment.

    If a caterer requires the use of the Servery, a Servery Kitchen Agreement must be signed by both the caterer and an SCC Staff Member upon arrival and departure.

  • Peak Hours Policy

    As a student center, approved student organizations are prioritized for Fall and Spring semester reservations. In addition, SCC spaces during peak hours are exclusively reserved for registered student organizations. Peak hours are in the late afternoon Sunday through Thursday during the academic calendar.

Costs, Fees, and Capacities

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  • SCC Community Costs & Capacities
  • Space Reservation Costs

    A 50% non-refundable deposit is due within seven (7) days of the reservation being processed in order to secure the reservation. Failure to submit a deposit will result in a cancellation of the reservation. Final payment of the room balance must be received 30 days prior to the event date. All other fees associated with space usage, including parking, security, technology, and staffing charges (if applicable) will be billed to the client following the event. The client is responsible for paying their final balance within 30 days after their event.

    Make a Payment

  • Refund Policy

    The 50% deposit due within seven (7) days of the reservation confirmation is non-refundable. Reservations must be canceled 30 days before the event via email to get written confirmation of the cancellation. If a reservation is canceled within 30 days of the event, the department or organization is responsible for all costs accrued. Please note, the user may be charged for expenses incurred by the SCC Reservations Office in preparation for the meeting or event, along with the non-refundable deposit.

    The Student Center Complex reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or modify a reservation if the reservation becomes impractical or inadvisable due to causes beyond the control of the University of Miami. Such causes include hurricanes, lightning, fire, floods, acts of government, public health-related issues, shortage or unavailability of labor, damage to the facility, or any other causes of similar nature beyond reasonable control.

  • Extended Hours Charge

    Reservations that require extended hours outside of the SCC’s normal business operating hours will incur a charge. Note that building hours may change, depending on the time of year, and may affect when this fee is applied.

  • Other Charges

    The SCC Reservations Office will evaluate all reservation requests to determine what additional services and equipment will be required to ensure the safety and security of UM students, staff, faculty, and guests. The SCC reserves the right to require that sponsoring organizations provide and pay for security and cleanup or assume responsibility for other designated expenses.

    Depending on the event, the sponsoring department may incur an extra cost, such as:

    1. Parking on campus, valet service, shuttle bus service, etc.
    2. Public Safety for any security coverage required, officers, special equipment, etc.
    3. Custodians for cleanup services, trucking or transportation, heavy equipment use, etc.
    4. IT/Telecommunications, including phone lines, data, etc.
    5. Specialized AV Technical Support – please refer to the AV & Technology section for details.

Event Essentials

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  • Preferred Vendors

    We are pleased to offer a list of SCC Preferred Caterers.  If you select a preferred caterer, neither a COI nor liquor license is required as it is already on file with the University. If you select a caterer that is not on the preferred list, we must receive a COI and liquor license (if alcohol is being served at your event) at least two weeks prior to the event date. A walkthrough of the facility is required with caterers not on the preferred list in advance of the event date, in order to familiarize them with our facility and procedures.

    Please be aware that these groups are not directly affiliated with the Student Center Complex and must be contacted individually for your event.

  • Vendor Requirements & Expectations

    Vendors not already vendorized with the University of Miami will be required to provide an up-to-date Certificate of Insurance (COI) to the SCC Reservations Office. New vendors will also be required to participate in a walkthrough with the SCC staff.

    COI Requirements: A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is required from all external vendors and is to be provided to the SCC Reservations Office. All approved vendors have these available at your request.

    Review the complete SCC Policies and Procedures, including information about Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI).

  • Campus Parking and Valet Services

    Campus parking and valet services are available via Parking and Transporation.