The Early Years

 Old Rathskeller

The University of Miami was chartered in 1925 and opened its doors fall of 1926.

By 1953 total enrollment stood at over 10,000 and increased to nearly 14,000 by 1962. New facilities and resources were added to keep pace with student enrollment as well as to increase the research strength of the institution. The campus began constructing a small student union in 1947.

The 1960’s

Logo 1965

Student Union     Memorial

To accommodate the increasing student body, that had outgrown the previous Student Union, the new Student Union opened in 1965. On April 15, 1966, Norman A. "Chink" Whitten, Director of Student Activities, died of a heart attack. Whitten was beloved by the students and they petitioned to change the name of the building to the Norman A. Whitten Memorial Student Union. Soon after the facility was renamed the Norman A. Whitten University Center.

The 1970’s

The 1970’s the UC, as it’s affectionately called, saw some additional changes and upgrades. The most well-known addition to the campus, the Rathskeller, opened its doors in 1972. Originally named Charles A. Gauthier Hall “Rathskeller”, in honor of the late Chairman of the Board of Trustees’ Subcommittee on Student Affairs, this on-campus restaurant quickly became a hot spot for students.

The 1980’s

Logo 1985

The ‘80’s saw further renovation and expansion of the Norman A. Whitten University Center. The renovated UC included an upgraded game room with billiards, table tennis, and a bowling alley.


The 1990's - Present 

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