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Request a Space

    Request Reservation

Student Organizations

For tips on how to request a reservation, please review the steps below:

University Departments
  • Click “Sign In” and log-in with your CaneID and password
  • Select the template named “Book Department Event at Student Center Complex” and press “Book now
  • Select the desired Date and Time, then press the “Search” button
  • All list of ALL spaces, not just the available ones will show
  • Select the "+" to add rooms to the request and press "Next Step
  • Next, input all of the service details and press "Next Step
  • Input all of the event details 
  • When you finish, press the “Create Reservation” button
  • Once complete, the webpage will display a tentative reservation
Community & Alumni
  • Click “Request a Room
  • Select the desired Date and Time then, under "Let Me Search For A Room" area:
    • Click on "Add/Remove" and select "Shalala Student CTR" and "Whitten UC
    • Click "Update Locations
    • Press the “Search” button
  • Select a room with the "+" and press "Next Step" on the top right
  • Next, input all of the event details and press "Create Request"
  • Once complete, the webpage will display a tentative reservation

You will receive an email from the SCC Events and Reservations team confirming your event. 

Please wait until you receive a confirmation to advertise your event.

SCC Policies: Read Here 

Contact information for general questions 
Phone: 305-284-4351
Email: SCCReservations@miami.edu

Contact information for technical support 
Phone: 305-284-5742
Email: ecms@miami.edu


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